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An Overview of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Any physically healthy female with realistic expectations about breast augmentation is a good candidate for the procedure. Furthermore, here are questions to ask yourself before making any plans:

> Are there any medical conditions that may hinder your healing?

> Are you a smoker?

> Do you live a healthy lifestyle (good nutrition and regular exercise)?

> Can you give your surgeon a full background of your medical condition, including vitamins or herbal supplements or medicines you might be be taking at present?

Essentials and Specifics

Breast augmentation is usually done with general anesthesia, though a local anesthesia with a sedative may be an option. Before making a choice between the two, your doctor will take into account the methods to be performed, and your preferences. You will discuss this thoroughly way before the date of surgery.

Moreover, a board-certified plastic surgeon will tell you exactly how he will insert and position the implants. Obviously, this will depend on your anatomy on top of other factors. Common sites of incision are the armpit, around the areola and the breast crease where it adjoins with your chest. The main point is to make the incisions in areas where they will be the least conspicuous.

From the incision, the surgeon will pull the breast tissue and skin up, creating a pocket where the implants go, either under the pectoral muscle of the chest or just behind the breast tissue. The implants are then inserted at the center under the nipples.

Putting breast implants under the chest muscle prevents capsular contracture, or the process involving scar tissue that forms a tight capsule around the implant, slowly tightening it until it toughens and is misshapen. This makes it easier to make breast exams through mammogram as well.

The disadvantage is, it can make recuperation slow down a bit, and some discomfort may be felt for a few days post-surgery. In any case, your surgeon will tell you the positive and negative sides of each position when you come for consultation.

Usually, breast implants are performed with other procedures, like tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, and liposuction. There are several surgery center locations in urban areas, where surgeries may be done inpatient or outpatient. But in most cases, patients choose to go home and recover with their familiar comforts.

The best you can do to have a successful breast augmentation surgery is to choose the right surgeon. They have to be certified by no other than the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. Keep in mind that while any medical doctor can call themselves “board-certified,” it doesn’t automatically mean that the certification was issued by the APLB. Hence, make sure you have researched your prospective surgery’s background before making any final decisions.

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